The purpose of this policy statement documentation is to outline the steps taken by Eco Mattress Recycling to provide a first class service to customers and suppliers and safe systems of work for our employees/trainees.

Eco Mattress was set up as a Social Economy Enterprise.  Our Mattress recycling processes provide valuable hands on work experience to people on back to work training programs.  Our mission is to divert waste from landfill, provide community employment and training and inspire sustainable living.  We achieve this by developing social enterprises which use waste and unwanted materials and in this instance, mattresses as a resource.  Our operation processes provide workplace skills training and development for unemployed people in our inner city communities.

Our Health and Safety Management System is an open file document subject to ongoing review and continuous improvement.  It is typically defined by a combination of influences for e.g. regulation, new hazards, changing hazards, audit reports, industry standards, codes of practice and consultation with employees, customers and enforcement agencies.  As such the Health and Safety Management System is not definitive it is simply a tool aimed at assisting our organization meet regulatory compliance.

The Safety Statement has been drafted following site specific hazard analyses and risk assessment, roles and responsibilities, as well as general principles for the effective management and control of safety, health and welfare at work.

The Policy and Procedure content is an expansion of our Safety Statement and most of the documents the control to be used in dealing with a specific risk factor or series of risk factors.

Our Quality Management comprises of a monthly audit and fire log book aimed at measuring the effectiveness of our safety statement, policy and procedures and staff culture towards both safety health and welfare and our core service standards.

Our Work Instruction and Procedures documentation cover all stages of the process from the delivery and unloading of product, through the deconstruction processes and the loading of waste and other materials. This has been achieved with the help and support of our employees/trainees with their health and safety given paramount consideration throughout the process.

We hold the permits and are licensed to collect, deliver and process waste material at our facility.  Our waste material mainly comprises of steel springs and textiles recovered from the deconstruction or mattresses.  The steel springs are forwarded to permitted scrap metal companies.  The baled textile materials are forwarded on to permitted textile recyclers. The materials are shredded and converted into *R.D.F. or S.R.F.  to be used in the cement/kiln industry, where the strict standards of the Waste Incineration Directive are meet.

We have full traceability and maintain records for all products collected and processed at our facility and all waste forwarded on for further processing.

*Note R.D.F. (refuse – derived fuel) or S.R.F. (solid – recovered fuel) /

Specified recovered (S.R.F.) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste (MSW) with a waste convertor technology.

R.D.F. (refuse – derived fuel) or S.R.F. (solid - recovered fuel) / Specified recovered (S.R.F.) is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste (MSW) with a waste convertor technology.